Cell video key evidence in nightclub beating death

Cell video key evidence in nightclub beating death

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — The murder trial of two California women charged with kicking another woman to death in a brawl outside a popular nightclub is underway with both sides showing the jury cellphone footage of the melee.

The blurry videos are expected to be critical evidence used by both prosecutors and defense in the trial of 26-year-old Vanesa Zavala and 27-year-old Candace Brito.

The two were arrested in the January death of 23-year-old Annie Hung Kim Pham, a newlywed and aspiring writer.

Pham died after being taken off life support several days after the attack in the early hours of Jan. 18 outside The Crosby, a trendy bar in downtown Santa Ana.

Defense attorneys for the two women told jurors in opening statements that their clients' actions that night were in self-defense.